When I was a child, my father had this habit of driving me around with him everywhere he went. We used to go out late in the night, meet with his friends and business colleagues and he made sure I was present, listening and included. It remains one of my fondest memories of our time together.

Urithi means “legacy” in Swahili – through the training I pass on, the interaction with younger avengers who have dreams and aspirations as I do, my father’s legacy continues to live on.

Urithi Labs & Urithi Media engage in bottom-up project management in using media, technology and innovation in delivering on social impact and social enterprise promise.

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#EachOneReachOne all our events & workshops to date have been free-to-attend, passion projects. If you feel inclined to support, kindly DONATE and I shall send a personal gift and memorabilia commemorating your donation(s) your way.